Samuel started this charity aged 9 years old while fighting cancer.  He wanted to help other seriously and terminally ill kids like him.

Our main way of fundraising is YOU! Please help by doing a sponsored obstacle course, run, bike, swim, skydive, triathlon, marathon or whatever you love.

Not your thing? A coffee morning, cake bake, quiz night or similar is just a good.

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How we help: Transforming lives of seriously ill kids

Your support helps us improve underfunded children's wards across the UK. As a kids charity we help decorate wards, provide otherwise unobtainable medical equipment like Accuveins, air conditioners, beds for parents, blood testing equipment and much more. All these make the day to day lives of the children so much better and help them to recover. 

We provide entertainment equipment - Xbox's, TVs, DVD players, iPads, Tablets, sensory equipment, toys, books, games, craft equipment and update playrooms. If it makes a child smile and bring some joy, some relief and happiness to a dark time then we do it.

We also help individual children. Our kids charity grants wishes - Tablets, computers, holidays. Whatever brings a Smile. A Tablet is often the only thing a very sick child can use - if they are confined to bed then a Tablet or iPad is a way to communicate with friend and family, they can watch Netflix or TV and play games. They can even do homework to stay up to date with their class mates.

Donate and Make Smiles.
Every penny makes a difference.

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