About Us

Samuel first asked his dad to help raise some money to buy a few nice meals for the other kids on his ward at St George's Hospital in October 2013.

Today we have raised over £170,000, registered as a charity in October 2015 and plan to continue to grow so we can help more individual children and children's wards across the UK.

The charity is run by family members. Martin, Samuel's dad, is a Trustee and runs the day to day operations.

Laura, Samuel's auntie, looks after the financial side.

Karen, Samuel's nan, works alongside Martin helping run the events and fundraising.

Tille, Samuel's mum and Pete, Samuel's uncle are Trustees and support the other Trustees.

We get some professional support and advice from the nurses and staff at the hospitals and there are many of the staff who fundraise tirelessly for us. Thank you, you rock.

None of what we do is possible without the support of the volunteers, donors and event participants that actually raise the money. There are too many to name but their help is generous, selfless and makes a huge difference to so many children. Our gratitude and thanks is with each and every one of you.

Our aim over the next 12 months is to continue fundraising but also to secure funding from grants or from businesses so we can have full time staff. This is the only way we can grow and increase the amount tenfold or more per year so we can help the tens of thousands of children who have to deal with serious or terminal conditions each year.

From working with parents and hospital staff we know there is much, much more to do. Many, many hospitals are struggling to pay for the day to day running costs and the items we provide are too far down the list to be taken seriously. Yet we know what a difference it makes. Actually, Samuel knew. He taught us how important it is to have something to look forward to, to have some fun and bring a bit of laughter and hope into an otherwise horrible and painful life.

Donate and Make Smiles.
Every penny makes a difference.

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