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Byronswell Ltd and Samuel's Charity working together.

Charity Clothes Collection

Byronswell contacted us last year as they wanted to support a Children's Charity in the UK with charity clothes collection. This is personal to Jarek, the owner, and the staff as Jarek's son was very ill and Jarek set up a charity in Poland to help other kids. He wanted to help kids here too.

This is why we are working together - a shared desire to make the lives of sick children better, to bring some relief, fun and smiles to an otherwise painful and scary time.

A brief overview of Byronswell:

“Established in 2003, Byronswell Ltd is a textile recycling company based in Southampton, Hampshire. Our operation is simple: we specialise in textile banks and house to house bag distribution and collection nationwide. The bags of donated textiles and other items are collected, weighed and then transported for onward sale in Eastern European second-hand shops, as well as other worldwide markets including Africa and Pakistan where recycled goods are much needed. We then donate part of this money generated to Samuel’s Charity. Our mission is to raise significant funds for Samuel’s Charity and help raise the national profile of the valuable work they do.

For every tonne sold from door to door clothing and textiles collections, we will donate £75 to Samuel's Charity, and from our charity textile banks we will donate £120 per tonne. Since 2008 we have raised a total of £253687.37 for children's charities Dreams Come True and Round Table Children's Wish, helping them to grant wishes for seriously ill children and young people all over the UK."

Click here to go to their website for more information.

How do your kind donations help?

Individual Children


Say 'Hi' to Zoe. Zoe was diagnosed before birth with a serious heart condition and then another rare condition just after birth. These life limiting liver and heart issues have also led to chest issues. Zoe is in and out of hospital all the time and the operations and procedures are often very painful, upsetting and scary.

Zoe's mum contacted Samuel's Charity this year and asked if we could help by providing an iPad. Zoe is in and out of hospital a lot and an iPad is perfect to take her mind off the tough times and lift her spirits. Her mum said:

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for Zoe’s iPad, she absolutely loves it! She has barely spoken to me as she has been on it so much! 😂

We had an appointment in London on Friday and it was perfect for it! Kept her busy the whole time so thank you.

It is a wonderful thing you are doing for sick children in Samuel's name."

Something as simple as an iPad makes a huge difference to a child living with the pain and often awful side effects serious and terminal conditions cause.

With your clothes donations we can continue to help many, many children across the UK who otherwise wouldn't be able to have our support.

Children's Wards

Samuel was at St George's Hospital in London for five months - all but 5 days of his hospitalisation.

St George's has amazing staff but the children's wards were in great need of support. The first thing Samuel wanted sorting was the food! It took us over 12 months but, with the help of the hospital staff, we transformed the food service and menu giving the kids dedicated, trained staff and a real menu with options.

Samuel never got to see how much of an impact this one project made - improving the quality of life in hospital and helping the recovery of over 13,000 kids that stay at St George's each year.

Next we arranged free WiFi (it was expensive and very poor quality previously) and began to help each ward and playroom by providing anything that helps the children through their awful time.

From iPads to Xboxes, TVs, books, games, sensory equipment - anything that brings a smile.


Some of the great projects we have done with your support:

  • Redecorating the play rooms in children's wards
  • Supplying Accuvein handheld scanners. These show where the veins are so injections are done first time, every time - a huge improvement and reduction in pain and upset
  • Re-painting wards
  • Providing new entertainment equipment
  • Free WiFi for the children's wards
  • Transformed the children's menu - this impacts so many children and their health and was a project very close to Samuel's heart.

All of these things bring light and fun in to a very dark time but there were other items that the nurses asked for.

The picture of the scanner is an Accuvein.

This is a hand held scanner that shows where the veins are so an injection or cannula is done first time with much less pain. We bought one for each ward and they are used many times every day reducing one of the main causes of upset and worry as well as pain - injections.

We have provided fans and air conditioning units and anything that is needed to help the kids.

We provided a number of sofa beds for the children's wards so the parents could have a (half!) decent night's sleep as the old ones we so uncomfortable and some unusable.

We have painted the children's outpatient ward and completely refurbished the Paediatric ICU parent's room so they have a decent place to stay and not worry about the little details and focus on their child.

We help a few other hospitals, Milton Keynes hospital and Bath Royal United Hospital and are working to help in the same way as with St George's. But it takes your support to do this. There are many, many children's wards in dire need of this type of support and we have limited funds.

So the more you can help, the more we can do.

Please support Byronswell's amazing work and generosity - they care about what we do and want to be able to bring more smiles to  more children as much as we do.

Have a question about Byronswell?
Want to donate clothes or items but don't know how?

We would love to hear from you.

How can you help?

Companies - clothes donations

Any company can help us through their employees donating clothes and other items direct to Byronswell. It is an easy and effective way for a company and it's staff to support a charity plus clear some space at home!

We will send you as many bags as you need and then come and collect them at a time that suits you.

We collect from private companies all across the country and if you would like to donate just fill in the form below.

Individuals - clothing donations near me

We operate under strict local council  clothes collection regulations and require a license from each local authority to collect clothes for charity.

We collect from many areas across the country and if you would like to donate just fill in the form below.

Security and assurance

Along with complying to the legislation for collection of donated items Byronswell volunteers and staff will have ID badges. If you are unsure then do contact us to check if we are collecting in your area.

You may have already had a collection bag delivered - Byronswell Ltd applies for and gains authorisation with each local authority before any delivery of donation bags begin and this process is strictly controlled. If you have any questions please email  or call 0800 084 2757 and they will help.

The images below are of our official donation bags and the photo ID that each volunteer must have so you can be sure you are getting official and authorised collections:

Samuel's Charity textile collection

Donate and Make Smiles.
Every penny makes a difference.

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