Our first Social Distancing Fundraising event


What is The Distance Games?

Our way to continue to help bring a smile to kids in hospital while keeping Social Distance guidelines.

We have a choice of different activities that your friends and family can sponsor you to do. Choose as many as you like, get the whole family involved and make this Bank Holiday Weekend something really special.

What are we fundraising for?

We know from parents, kids and staff that these two items change the daily life of the kids going through serious and terminal conditions. It gives them the chance to escape the pain, fear and sadness and find their Smile. With your help we can do this.

The items are Android/iPad Tablets and portable Game Stations.

  • We want to give 10 individual children their own Tablet.

From games and films to school work and keeping in contact with friends and family. Imagine if you couldn’t do these things. Now image you are a child and very sick, isolated with only immediate family for months and months. This one item transforms the lives of so many kids. Each cost about £250.

  • Game Station

This is a mobile XBox and TV stand that can be taken anywhere and is small enough for any room or area and the same high quality of medical equipment in hospitals. Each of these cost £950 for the mobile stand, Xbox One X, 2x controllers, 3 games and TV. We want to fund at least one of these.

Our Target - £3,500

How do I join The Distance Games?

  1. Choose an Event or activity
  2. Go to and set up your own online donation page
  3. Tell everyone. Share mercilessly!
  4. Email Martin on the address below with your plans
  5. Click below if you want further information or help

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