Making every-day stuff Less Boring.

The first reason we started our YouTube channel was to give the kids on the wards and stuck at home something fun to watch and to give them ideas of what they can do. You can make a Less Boring video of your own and send it in. We will post it on this channel - see below for details to send in your vids.

The other reason we started this channel was to have a way to get craft supplies, toys, games and other items normally not funded by hospitals through a company sponsoring this channel.

What will make this happen? Lots and lots of Subscribers!! This shows a company we are watched by lots of people! Please Share this video, comment on it about videos you would like us to do and.......SUBSCRIBE!!

Your support will help change the lives of thousands of kids in wards across the UK - now that is a cracking use for YouTube.

Less Boring was started by Evie, Samuel's sister and myself, Samuel's dad.

This is a a Not for Profit Youtube Channel to support Samuel's Charity.

Sending us your video.

We love re-posting your ideas on our channel but we have to have your parent's permission to use the video.

If you have a video that you want us to post on our channel then email

We'll send you a consent form and then we'll get your video on our channel for everyone to watch.


Putting a Smile on Kids in Hospital

We help sick kids in under funded children's wards across the UK

We give gifts to individual children that are going through particularly tough times.