Refer a Child

We help individual children who are receiving treatment in the UK for any serious condition.

A lot of attention and support is given to children's wards but often a child is going through treatment for serious conditions over a long period of time on an out-patient basis. Often there is a lot of travelling, time out of school, not able to play with friends and stuck at home in bed. Not to mention having to deal with the pain and side effects of the condition.

With your support we help many children through this awful time, a time when it is hard for a family to afford something special as the cost of long term illness is often so high.

The most frequent request is a Tablet or an Ipad. Sometimes its a trip or day out, a last wish or even a room being sanitised so that the child can finally go home.

Whatever it is, we know it is special and will help make a huge difference.

If you are a parent of a child going through treatment in the UK, a friend or a nurse, doctor or health care professional and you want to refer a child for a gift then email


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